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This memorial website was created with so much love in memory of my husband, James Dean.  Jamie was a, loving husband, good step-father, an adored son, grandson, nephew, and a brother.  Jamie was born in Leonardtown, Maryland on December 23, 1977 to Joey & Elaine Dean.  Jamie was shot and killed on December 26, 2006 at the age of 29 by a Maryland State Sharpshooter.

You couldn't help but be drawn to Jamie.  He was such a good man.  Jamie was liked by everyone who knew and met him.  

For those of you who don't know the story of what happened to Jame, my husband, my love, my friend, click the links below. 




If you google Jamie's name or my name, Muriel Dean you will find more related stories. 


UPDATE:  I took a case to the courts for Jamie in hopes to get someone, from ST. Mary's, Charles, Calvert Counties or the State Police to admit that they screwed up in how they treated Jamie during the standoff.  Someone needs to be held accountable for the 85 rounds of tear gas, the torture, the paramility way they went after Jamie, he was already suffering from PTSD and was just called back to serve in Iraq.   The police knew this and still went after him and treated him the way they did.  They forced him to do the things he did in retaliation, because he was in a war zone! The Police put him there! and in turn Jamie faught for his life against the ones who where suppose to serve and protect him as he did for their freedoms!!!!  See what our wonderful justice system does for us civilians and our veterans and what wonderful privilages our police forces get when they over react in situations....They are never and will never be held accountable for anything they do wrong.  OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM SUCK ASS!!


After many discussions with my attorney over the past few weeks, I had considered appealing my case up till the 11th hour, which was Friday, April 3, 2009, but I have decided not to appeal my case on this matter.  After research and history, my attorney and I decided that no matter what, the police will never admit nor be held accountable for their treatment towards Jamie.   Our thought was that maybe with an appeal we could bring more attention to the way our police force's use paramilitary and un-necessary force on civilians and maybe have legislation changed. I will be researching, on my own, to see if anything in way of how our police react in situations like with Jamie's has been changed.  I am sure it hasn't, but maybe I will get lucky. 

All I really ever wanted from this was some sort of apology and admission of wrong doing by all the agencies involved.  WE know that will never happen, in doing that they admit guilt.     It is a shame that a good mans life was taken at the hands of arrogance! Everyone involved that dreadful day has their day coming.  That old saying, what comes around goes around is all to true!

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My prays to the wife   / Tammy Thrasher (wife of a soldier )
may GOd grant you peace to make it each day, may the weight of your heart be lifted by the grace that only GOD can give.  may you know that you are not alone even in your weakest moment.  I pray that GOD will give you the understanding to k...  Continue >>
To everyone who loved Jamie   / Lynda Purdy (relative)
As the anniversary of Jamie's death by violence grows near I pray that we can harness our desire to turn away, forego the idea that by not celebrating the holidays we are lessening the hurt we all feel.  Of course we shall weep, and there will b...  Continue >>
My Man   / Muriel Dean (Wife)
It is so hard to believe its been 10 months since Jamie was MURDERED!  Fall was his favorite time of year!  I see hunters and my heart breaks wishing so much Jamie was hunting too.  He would kiss me good bye in the early mornings as he...  Continue >>
Wanted to apologize and send my sympathies   / John D. (former soldier )
I made callous statements in the Salon.com forums regarding Sgt. Dean's death before getting all the facts. This case is being played as "police forced to kill sicko" in many media outlets and I foolishly bought into that view. I should ins...  Continue >>
Gone But Not Forgotten   / Dan Poe (Co-Worker)
Jamie was a sweetheart and an all around good kid. We'll see ya sometime! Reminds me of some lines from a John Prine song:

Father forgive us for what we must do
You forgive us we'll forgive you
We'll forgive each ot...  Continue >>
Memories of Jamie  / Lynda Purdy (relative)    Read >>
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Jamie and Winston, our baby, October 22, 2006.
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